IMGWERX SpinWheels - Puzzle Game
SpinWheels is a new kind of color matching puzzle game. The goal is simple - spin the wheels until you match all the colors, and try to do it in the fewest moves possible. Sounds easy, but the game quickly becomes a fun brain teasing challenge!
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SpinWheels is a fun and challenging brain game for adults and kids alike. It will test your memory and ability to strategize unlike anything you've played before. If you enjoy brain-teaser puzzle games, then give this one a spin!

SpinWheels is an addictive casual game where you will use logic and strategy to solve the puzzle. While it's often easy to pass a level, doing it in the fewest moves possible can require great skill. The more you play, the more your skills will improve.

The design of this puzzle game is fun, bright, colorful, and quirky with abstract shapes and themes. Try to collect all 16 colorful badges as you play through. It's the perfect game to play on your commute, before bed, or anytime you're up for the challenge!

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